About us

This website is under construction as we switch to a new html editor or stay here on wordpress.  Steve is on “sabbatical,” and he is currently attending the University of Central Florida.  No programs will be offered until after his graduation in spring of 2015.

Getting your roots into nature!
That is what we are all about at The Nature Nerd Company. As this website grows we will try to provide a resource for all of you that want to know more about our natural world. Our focus is on Florida’s ecology, but we will range worldwide with some of our programs. The website will give you an overview to some of the programs and services offered, as well as connect you to all the cool, nature nerdish facts and websites that we have un-earthed! Enjoy!

Our Mission

The Nature Nerd Company is dedicated to provide ecological and educational services that will encourage public participation in the exploration and protection of our natural resources.

Company Profile

The Nature Nerd Company was started in 2002. Programs and services are provided primarily by Steve DeCresie, a Florida naturalist and environmental educator. Steve has been giving Natural History presentations since 1991 around the state of Florida. He is also involved in research projects and habitat restoration programs in the field.

Contact Information

General Information: info@naturenerd.com

The Nature Nerd Company. Copyright March 2015.


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